LED vs HALOGEN – Which Microscope to Choose?

The three reasons you want to choose an LED microscope over a Halogen  microscope:

1) Quality – LED illumination provides a crisp clear white light across the entire field of view that is superior to halogen illumination.  It does not require a color correction filter (a blue filter) to compensate for the yellowish tint given off from halogen light sources and there is significantly less color temperature fluctuation in LED light sources as compared with halogen light sources. LED also generates far less heat than a halogen lamp, which keeps from specimen degradation and contributes to longer lasting internal electrical parts.

2) Safety and Comfort – Halogen lamps produce light waves within the UV spectrum. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) produce light waves that are OUTSIDE the UV spectrum. Looking directly into UV light for long periods of time can lead to quicker eye fatigue, discomfort, and possible long term damage for users who engage in long specimen viewing sessions. LED illumination makes for a safer and more comfortable specimen viewing session for the end user.

3) Long Term Economics – Green technology such as LED lighting is not only good for the environment, but uses less power and does not require lamp changes at a regular frequency. The 3 watt LED lamp has a lamp life of approximately 60,000 hours whereas the 41 watt halogen lamp used in the Nikon E 200 Halogen model has an estimated lamp life of 100 hours. The replacement cost for the Nikon Microscope Lamp part # 79099 is $16.00. If you do the math you can see the long term savings on the difference between LED and Halogen.

Personally, I would stick with the LED over the HALOGEN unless your upfront budget dictates otherwise.If I had  my druthers, I would chose the Nikon Eclipse 200 LED with Fly Eye Technology. (Catalog # MCA762JJ)Fly Eye Lens for LED Microscope - Nikon E 200

“Helping consumers make the right choice when buying a microscope for laboratory use.”

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