Microscope for College and University Labs (On a Budget)

Q: College Lab Manager:  Which binocular microscope would you recommend for the multi-user environment of the college laboratory setting?

A: Microscope Consultant:  Taking three things into consideration, price, optical quality, and durability, I would recommend the Nikon Eclipse 200 LED or the Nikon Eclipse 100 LED

The Olympus CX-31 would be a close second, but costs more than the Nikon E200.

With a list price of $2,283.00 USD, the Nikon Eclipse 200 LED does not fit into every colleges budget. Nikon makes a smaller version known as the E100 which comes in at a lower price point of $1,443.00. USD. Both microscopes are available in trinocular for camera attachments.

Download a brochure for the Nikon E200 Microscope

Download a brochure for the Nikon E100 Microscope